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A new twist on an old classic ... alphabet beads! These have all the nostalgia of the past, but are new and improved with this chic, updated design! No flimsy plastic beads here! Fun and personalized with your name ... or maybe your word of the year, or the initials of your children, letters to signify a love match and a heart! The possibilities are endless! Below are all the deets!

What's included?
-- 7mm Enamel and gold plated brass letter/symbol beads with a glossy coating. (Up to 8 characters included) Available in glossy black with white letters/symbols and glossy white with colorful letters/symbols. (Need more than 8 characters on your necklace? Message us for a custom listing.)

-- 18" minimalist and dainty gold plated brass ball chain with ball chain closure that is adjustable at home to any size needed shorter than 18" (see instructions below). Extra ball chain connector clasps included.

-- Felt pouch for storage and gentle polishing.

-- Sizing instruction card for at home sizing and jewelry care tips.

How to order:
-- First, in the Customization Window, type the letters/symbols in the order you would like them to appear on your necklace. Put special character beads in parentheses.
Examples: L(heart)M, or L (and) M, or (hashtag)HAPPY, or (star)ANGELA, etc. Questions? Message us!
REMEMBER: Up to 8 characters (letters and symbols) total. Need more than 8 characters? Message us for details. (Additional charges may apply.)
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
& (and symbol), + (plus sign), # (hashtag), Star, Heart

If you are mixing and matching the glossy black beads and glossy white colorful beads explain your customization request. (usually works best with symbols only, such as hashtags (#) or hearts, etc.)

Examples: glossy black letters with the glossy white bead with black heart, or glossy white colored beads and glossy black plus sign bead, etc. Questions? Message us!
(The colors shown on the white beads are the only colors available. We cannot alter the enamel colors on the white beads.)

Next, choose your bead type in the dropdown menu. Choices: Glossy black with white, or Glossy white with colorful, or BOTH for a mix and match.

Other information:
Care Instructions
Remove when showering or swimming. Liquid cosmetics should be avoided while your necklace is being worn. Remove your necklace if you plan to exercise and/or sweat more than usual. Gently polishing away oils from your jewelry with the felt pouch (included) after wearing and storing your necklace safely in the felt pouch when not being worn is advised. Some cosmetics and haircare products can cause jewelry discoloration. We are not responsible for replacing discolored items after use. Beads naturally glide and turn along the chain with movement and may turn upside down periodically. This is not to be seen as defective.

Adjusting your necklace size
Your necklace includes the 18" ball chain as shown in the listing photos. When you receive your necklace, you can easily customize the size to any length smaller than 18". Simply remove the ball chain clasp, measure for the length you wish your chain to be (Take your time in measuring. Be precise and double check!) Once you determine the length you wish your necklace to be, simply use scissors to cut the chain between the balls to the precise length you prefer (making sure your enamel beads are safely out of the way or removed temporarily). Reattach the ball chain clasp and place your enamel beads back on (if removed). Put your newly adjust necklace on and hook in the clasp. Simple as that! You can make your chain a choker chain or maybe an anklet! It's up to you and your specific size choice! Enjoy!

Because this item is personalized, it is not eligible for return or exchange.

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